PixelScope Entertainment

Our Vision

PixelScope Entertainment was formed back in September 2020 with an aim to make players aware of the unique opportunities that eSports can provide to reach a highly engaging audience. We have a vision to bring forward necessary advancements in the field of eSports and to create cutting edge production systems for eSports content which will be at par with that of satellite television.

Journey so far

Since the inception of PixelScope Entertainment, we have successfully organized multiple events for a variety of games which include Valorant, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty: Mobile, FIFA and many more. We have managed to build a healthy and thriving community of budding gamers and content creators from all around the country; all of whom are an integral part of our #PixelNation.

Our Team

Ranish Bhattacharjee


Arijit Ghosh

HR Manager

Armaan Hazarika

Head of Production & Design

Rishik Chandan

Head of Technical Operations

Rohit Barbaruah

Head of Media Operations